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From academic advising to assistance with course work, 世界杯压球平台 supports your success as a student 和 beyond.


Student Success Resources

Academic Achievement Center (AAC) is a free resource for all K-State students. Equip yourself with the tools needed to succeed, 参与你的课程作业, 和 feel empowered by your ability to achieve academic success. 的 AAC offers free small group 和 online tutoring through 辅导服务学术指导 to develop strategies to maximize your personal strengths 和 conquer difficult classes, 和 学生成功工具 to learn the skills 和 strategies needed to be successful at K-State.

  • Manhattan campus: In addition to the 辅导服务 offered through the Academic Achievement Center, students also have access to various tutoring opportunities through their own departments. For example, engineering students can utilize Scholars Assisting Scholars 辅导.
  • 赛利娜校园: 同侪教导 is available for students seeking additional resources 和 assistance.
  • 世界杯压球官方网站校区: K-State写作中心 on the Manhattan campus offers one-to-one consultations about writing projects with students from all disciplines, 校内和网上都有, as well as workshops for graduate students.
  • 赛利娜校园: 的 Salina campus also has its own local 写作中心.
Access 和 Student Accommodation Services
  • Manhattan campus: A wide range of 学术住宿 和 services are available to students with documented disabilities through the 学生访问中心.
  • 赛利娜校园: You can find assistance if you require 学术住宿 和 other support services.

Academic student success programs 和 services

Take part in one of the many programs 和 services 世界杯压球平台 has to help guide you in your academic success.

For undergraduate students
  • 发展中国家的学者 offers underrepresented students re搜索 projects in their field of study with faculty mentors.
  • Educational Supportive Services 提供辅导, 学术故障排除, 和 advising services to help eligible students improve class performance 和 find academic, 金融, 和 career resources on campus 和 in the community.
  • 第一个学者 offers services to first generation program students based on a holistic development model.
  • K-State第一 offers first-year seminars, 猫的社区, 和 the Guide to Personal Success program for first-year students.
  • 麦克奈尔学者计划 prepares eligible undergraduates to apply for 和 succeed in graduate school so they can become professors 和 professional re搜索ers.
  • From developing strategies to maximizing personal strengths, 学术指导 opens up conversations related to student success. Coaches meet with students one-on-one to support them as they identify 和 reach academic goals, develop study 和 life skills, 和 find motivation 和 purpose.
  • 大学的经历 is a student success course for first-year students that combines an orientation to K-State with academic skills instruction 和 direct application of study techniques.
  • 的 Graduate School offers various 研讨会及工作坊 including Student Success Seminars, which help students underst和 important requirements, deadlines 和 procedures to help make the journey to degree completion as smooth as possible.
  • In collaboration with the Graduate School, K-State库, 和 International 和 Student Scholar Services, the English Department's 写作中心 offers workshops to help graduate students develop effective writing skills.


K-State库 is here to help on your next assignment or re搜索 project. 图书馆提供 研究工具其他服务. Stop by the help desk in Hale library, 数学/物理图书馆, the Veterinary Medical library, 或者是 Weigel Architecture library on the Manhattan campus, 或者是 萨利纳校园图书馆 在萨利纳校区. Also, you can electronically 问图书管理员 your re搜索 questions or access millions of library resources at one time with the 搜索 engine, 搜索它

另外, in the fall graduate students can benefit from free hour-long "的 Library 和 Your Re搜索" workshops designed to provide you with a solid foundation for a successful academic experience. Visit the K-State库 Faculty 和 Graduate Services website 想要一个完整的时间表.


Taking simple steps to take care of yourself can give you a boost in both your academic 和 personal lives. K-State Counseling Services offers many online resources, from tips on managing your time to free programs over academic anxiety.